Upload dynamic site on the same server

I have digital ocean server setup with mail-in-a-box on it. I have using email server only for some time and now I want to launch my site also on the same box. How can I do that because as per documentation we can host only static site with mail-in-a-box

It is recommended to host your mail server on a separate box than everything else.

I know, this adds extra cost, because then you have to pay for two separate servers. I then have to ask you, how much of a load are you going to put on your website? If it’s rather light, I would recommend ditching Digital Ocean and going with Vultr ( https://www.vultr.com/ ). They sell everything at the same price, but have a better SLA agreement and support, better Internet speeds, and do the same stuff as Digital Ocean (I hear).

Since Mail In a Box runs Spam Assassin, which is an intense piece of software, I would recommend keeping your mail server running at the same specs, and slapping MIAB on a $5/mo server. However, you can save $1.50/mo if you go with the $3.5/mo plan to slap your Apache/MySQL/PHP on without disturbing MIAB. Please note, if you go with the cheaper plan, the $2.5/mo, a big chunk of users on the Internet do not have IPv6 networking enabled.

If that doesn’t work for you, reply to this thread.

Thanks for the reply. As of now I am hosting my site on a namecheap server and mapping it with mailbox using custom server settings, but I am facing some mail bounce back issues that’s why I thought of taking both the things in one place. But as you told me it’s better to keep email server and site in two droplets so I will look up for resolving the mail issues and let the website be on namecheap

Not sure what the problem could be. Setting up your DNS records should be simple. Well, depending on how Namecheap wants you to configure your DNS records for hosting with them.

You would have an A and AAAA (IPv6 records are always a good idea!) record for your mail, and a separate A and AAAA record for your web server.

In Namecheap, all you have to do for the MX record is to put the target hostname for your mail server. So if you had an A/AAAA record for mail.example.com, you would put mail.example.com for the MX record.

If you have any troubles, Namecheap support are wonderful people. Get on a livechat with them, they’ll help you out, even if it’s a stupid question.

Got it. As of now I am going to host my site on namecheap and email server on DigitalOcean.

Here I am adding how I did it. For hosting mail server and domain on different server we have to change IP address of mail.example.com to the IP address of our mail server and on the mail server end we have to use custom DNS setting to set your domain name server record(NS). You can either use your name record in secondary name server section or you can add an A record with IP of your name server using custom DNS setting.

If someone needs any help regarding this issue they can post here. I will be happy to help.

Please elaborate more as it may be helpful figuring out your other issue.

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