Upgrading z-push

I noticed that the default version of z-push installed on the Ubuntu is 2.3.8. There have been several versions after that. Is there a plan to update to current versions? Has anyone tried to upgrade?


So, I executed the wrong command to check the version, it listed version available in a repo, not installed (need to use $ apt list --installed z-push). Looks like z-push isn’t installed via apt-get during initial configuration.

Which version is used by Mail-in-a-Box?

Ok, never mind. Looked at the Github and found that it’s using 2.5.1 as of this date.

Just curious for the reason to not add official z-push repo to the apt and install from there. Thanks.

The only reason is it didn’t exist when this project was started. I would gladly accept a pull request on GitHub that switches us over to using their apt repository. The benefit over our current system is the ability for users to update faster than Mail-in-a-Box releases. But I think that’s the only benefit, since our method of downloading Z-push has been working fine, so it’s not a priority for me to work on.

That makes sense, thanks. I’m not a linux expert, but I’ll see if I can help with a pull request. Will need testing.