Upgrading Ubuntu with MiaB already there

Hi guys

Its time for me to update from v30 to the latest. Ive been avoiding it for some time…! Reading the upgrade guide, I most certainly am someone with an IP address that I want to keep and that I cannot move to a new server. So I think I need to do an inplace upgrade. Im ready. Ive backed it all up…

Ive scanned the forums for some guides, however informal (!) but with no luck. Perhaps my search-fu is weak. What should I expect? Is there somewhere i can look for “it doesnt work, help!” questions?

Thanks very much


So your solution is to copy your secret_key.txt file and your encrypted backup directory to someplace safe. Reinstall the OS, then restore the backup.

Personally, I would suggest that you spin up a 2nd vps from your provider and test your backup to insure that there are no issues with restoring before wiping and reinstalling your current vps - that way you have been through the process and are somewhat familiar with it for when you do the real thing.

Fortunately, you are on v0.30. Upgrades from earlier versions are problematic (though hopefully they are working better now than they were) but from v0.30 should not be problematic at all.

You really DO NOT want to do a distribution upgrade.

Thanks very much for your reply - I hadnt thought of that! So im doing it as we speak - keeping the same machine, reinstalling a new (fresh) image and then restoring the backup. Im feeling overly-confident!


best wishes


PS I also had this: FAILED: service nginx restart

Deleted the PEMs and all was well…

Also…I thought that it was backing up to the local drive AS WELL as the amazon bucket storage - which came as a surprise… I wonder if thats just me or it could be clearer… Anyway, all is well and I am back up and running.

Thanks for your help


Is it now working? Did you try the upgrade before on a separate server? And after upgrade, running the MIAB install again, did it solve your problems?

hi - it all worked great…

Things I needed to scratch my head about - working out that when u select Amazon to backup your stuff, it ONLY does that not locallty too…

Working out the correct domain to put in to restore the amazon backup…

And deleting the PEMS in the ssl folder, otherwise it wouldnt install.

I didnt try the upgrade on another machine first…

Largely, went smooth.

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