Upgrading to V60

Instructions are pretty clear but I get really nervous when I run the upgrade command and the first window I get is the dreadfull initial setup warning that going forward will wipe out everything on the box and apache and do its thing.

Is it safe to do this? That box is main dns for a lot of live domains right now I would hate to loose them because of a bad upgrade.

Just to check that you are following the expected upgrade method. That is:

  • Backup of you current Mail-in-a-box server
  • Install Ubuntu 22.04 on a new server
  • Restore previous backup to the new server
  • Run the MIAB installer for v60 on the new server
  • (Ideally) take over the IP address you were using for you old server
  • Only destroy the old server/backup when you know everything is working

See here for details of how to move a new server.

There is no upgrade in place approach available/tested.

Maybe wait until more people have reported their success and/or any fixes for the upgrade before embarking on the above. MIAB v57 on Ubuntu 18.04 is good for some months yet.

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