Upgrading to ubuntu 22.10 is now the time to move providers?


18.04 MIB 57a
United Kingdom Location

I am currently with DO - no problems with my IP address reputation.

However, as I will need to upgrade and the the only supported path is to build a new server, is now the time to move providers with a better mail reputation?

My thinking is I’ve got to build a new server for the migration and if DO has a poor reputation maybe its wise to move.

What are peoples thoughts, build a new server with a new provider or stick with DO and hope I don’t get a new but poor reputation IP address?

any thoughts welcome.

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I’m in the same situation, with a London DO droplet running MIAB 57a. I’ve been running this for several years and have no IP reputation problems generally.

I’m also looking at the move to 22.04 and MIAB 62. Given the above my thoughts are to remain with DO and if possible keep my current IP address.

I think this might be achieved by restoring a new 22.04 image into my current droplet (after having snapshotted it and having data backed up elsewhere - Scaleway in my case). I haven’t completed detailed planning but this is the route I’m looking to pursue.

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i recommend contabo, hetzner, ovh … i have more than twenty servers, got bad ip several times, support helped me solve these blacklisting problems.

The other idea was

Upgrade Ubuntu
Rebuild MIB on the upgraded box

Would that work, it. means I keep my IP address?

Worst case I just bring back my snapshot and start again,

Yes, I was thinking of that too though the Ubuntu upgrade route isn’t supported by the MIAB project. I see from the forum some have reported success however. I will likely prefer the lowest risk route myself.

only a suggestion
why don’t you try one of these vps providers that offer a free 7day or whatever trial - create a server and then check the public ip address against Email Blacklist Check - IP Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted at least that way you can see if its blocked by any blacklists before committing

I made a suggestion on this message board to a DO customer in the same situation ~2 months ago. Search for my post. The method is basically:

  1. Create a new droplet for temporary use and install MIAB.
  2. Restore your backup to the new droplet.
  3. Update the DNS records to point to the temporary droplet.
  4. Rebuild your original droplet with Ubuntu 22.04 (retains IP) and install MIAB.
  5. Restore from your temporary droplet.
  6. Update DNS records.
  7. Destroy temporary droplet.

This approach lowers your risk because it retains a functioning MIAB throughout the process.

[edited to clarify that original droplet retains IP addr by use of DO Rebuild option]

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I still need to do this myself but the research I’ve done made me define the following scenario:

  • initiate backup (of mailinabox files)
  • create snapshot of VM
  • rebuild droplet with proper ubuntu version
  • reinstall mailinabox on bare ubuntu
  • restore backup from step 1
  • run mailinabox command to apply settings from restore
  • test setup
  • remove snapshot

if something goes wrong, restore snapshot.

The documentation on keeping ip-address in DO is here: How to Rebuild Droplets :: DigitalOcean Documentation

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