Upgrading from v29 to Current

Per Josh’s instruction, The instructions for updating from v29 no longer work, so a thread to upgrade is required.

Would I need to copy the Data off the Server, blow the Server up (DO) and recreate everything, and then copy the data back?

There is a different later thread that actually works rather well, but it is time consuming. Recommended though if you have used NextCloud extensively.

Simpler, if you’ve just used email and only have a handful of users is to spin up a new droplet, install MiaB as well as the users/domains, then rsync the mail data from the old server. You can then make a snapshot of the new server and restore it to the old one thereby preserving the IP reputation.

I apologize for the Captain Hindsight statement, but I feel someone should give you this reply.

Do not wait too long to upgrade your mission critical environments.
I understand the desire to minimize downtime, but v29 was released on Oct 24, 2018.

The relentless effort to minimize downtime, or negligence to consider an upgrade, will put your data and mail service at risk.

With that said, I do wish you all the best and good luck with the upgrade!

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