Upgrading from 14.04 to 18.04, php7.0 not available

I am trying to update some outdated boxes and having a hell of a time. It seems the ppa that provides php7.0 no longer provides it for 14.04. I’ve searched high and low for one that does. How can I get from 14.04 to 18.04?

In desperation I tried just building a new 18.04 install and restoring the backups. Luckily my email is working, but the nextcloud upgrade is not working. I wasn’t using nextcloud in any appreciable way, is there a simple way to discard the nextcloud config and start that from scratch?

Try deleting the nextcloud data at /home/user-data/owncloud and then re-running setup.
You’ll need to resync anything you have in nextcloud back to it, but if you aren’t using it for much this shouldn’t be a big deal .

Thanks, that seems to work!

@brocktice There is a complete thread outlining this issue … let me find it.

That actually requires you to be able to upgrade to 0.30 first, which I was unable to do. I had already read through that.