Upgrade to 0.4 fails. certbot version for Ubuntu 14 no longer in PPA

The title says it all. The upgrade to 0.4 fails. It looks like the PPA for certbot is getting added successfully but the apt-get install fails because the certbot version for Ubuntu 14 no longer available.

I don’t actually use certbot. I’ve always just installed my own certificates. In any case, the game plan is to go straight to the latest version just as soon as I can get to 0.4.

Is there an alternative way to get apt-get install certbot to work? Failing that, is there a moderately clean way to hack the scripts so that I can just not have certbot? Other suggestions are, of course, welcome.

How much mail data do you have? and how many users is this?
Do you use nextcloud?

Do you mean v0.30? v0.40 is the first release using Ubuntu 18.04

Yes - I mean version 0.3

I ended up solving this by editing mailinabox/setup/managent.sh to remove certbot from the end of the apt_install command. This was enough to stop the installation from failing at that point, and I had a working 0.3 system where I could run the backup and proceed to migrate to my Ubuntu 18 server and mailinabox 0.4

I’m not advocating that people should hack the setup scripts themselves. In my rather extreme situation, I did this after taking a snapshot of the box, and it worked out OK. I’m updating this information here, because maybe someone else will be in a similar situation, and then having another option to consider might help. Don’t do this at home kids! :slight_smile:

I too highly discourage users from doing so … but for those who procrastinated upgrading to at least v 0.30 before Ubuntu 14.04 went EoL, there likely is not going to be much of an option not to. :frowning:

I have to take that on the chin. Yes - I should have kept up to date rather better. Perhaps if I’d realised how aggressively old versions get cleaned up, I might have done. As it was, I was triggered by an entirely different problem to pay attention to this. Anyway - I’m now on the shiny, latest, greatest. I suppose I’ll have to try to do better from now on.


Don’t feel bad … and please don’t take my comment as being directed towards you.

I too have an old version that I will have to deal with. I had thought that I updated all of my MiaB instances to v 0.30 before Ubuntu 14 went EoL. I missed one. :frowning:

At least I will have some guidance when the time comes for me to deal with this. :slight_smile:

But the most valuable lesson that I have learned … ALWAYS update everything just before the OS goes EoL if there is some reason that you have not, or are not going to upgrade.

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