Upgrade and subsequent reinstall both hung on Nextcloud

Hi all – happy MIAB user for many months now. Noticed that v0.51 was out and attempted and upgrade tonight and that’s when the trouble started:

  • Upgrade hang on updating Nextcloud. No failure… just hung at the “upgrading Nextcloud stage” until I escaped out of the script 20 minutes later.

  • After trying this a couple of times, I figured a clean reinstall was the way to go. Nope. Clean installs of both v.50 and v.51, via Git or the curl implementation of the script, all freeze at Nextcloud.

Same behavior on Ubuntu 18.04 x64 with 1GB of RAM whether I start from a bare-bones install or upgrade via apt before running git or the script.

I’ll be up for a couple hours re-implementing the domains’ email on another platform because they have to be functioning by morning. But I’d hate to abandon MIAB. Anyone else experience this error? Any ideas on a fix?

Same thing happened to me and a few others… fix for it here Upgrade from 0.5 to 0.51 error

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