Updating AAAA record of the box machine

I’d like to update the AAAA record for my box, since it has changed after a reinstall. I followed the documentation on the dns admin page and did this:

curl -d “” --user @ https:///admin/dns/set/box./AAAA/xxxx:xxxx:x:x:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx

after keying in my password curl returns to the prompt and didn’t print:
"updated DNS: "
in fact the AAAA record isn’t updated.

The old ipv6 address somehow seems non-updateable.

mmm, the answer is in editing /etc/mailinabox.conf and running


effectively, it only has impact on what the output of the management/dns_update.py script.

When I look in /etc/nsd/nsd.conf I still see the original (wrong IPv6 address) and the admin daemon also thinks the same about this.

Yeah you probably have to run mailinabox (or setup/start.sh) again to have it pick up the change.