Understanding authentication failure report from OpenDMARC Filter

Hi there,

I’ve started to receive messages today from OpenDMARC Filter on MIAB. I believe that this is working as designed but I want to be sure. I’ve received a half dozen of these in the last hour.

If I look at this message it appears to be from me and to me. The source IP is in Russia, and I’m based in the US.

What doesn’t look kosher to me are the SPF lines that contain the 66 IP, which is an OATH Yahoo IP. And I certainly don’t designate that anywhere as a permitted sender.

I believe I have DMARC, DKIM, SPF all setup correctly. mail-tester.com gives me a 10/10 on sent emails.

I’m assuming that the spammer is trying to send me emails from my email address, and because MIAB OpenDMARC Filter can’t authenticate the message, is sending a report back to their email address (which is techtravels, me) letting them know the message was rejected.

Do I have this right? Is there anything I can or should do to tighten this up?

Please see this pastebin link because I’m a new forum user, and I’m restricted as to what I can post.

[OpenDMARC Filter authentication Report - Pastebin.com]