Unable to create 'admin' user for different domain


I have seen a similar topic here, but unable to figure out the solution derived from that topic. Since I am new here I hope someone would help me simplify the solution for this issue. Here is it: I had created my box with admin@example.com. Now I need to create a user on a different domain name which is admin@exampletwo.com. But the system says this: “You may not make a user account for that address because it is frequently used for domain control validation. Use an alias instead if necessary”.

That is a situation that should not have happened as Mail-in-a-Box does not allow domain control email users to be created.

I am afraid that your only solution is to follow the guidelines provided with the system message that you receive. Point your domain’s admin user alias at another email user account.

Clarifying what alento advised, these users cannot be used.

admin@, postmaster@, abuse@, administrator@

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