Unable to add two subdomains (second level subdomain) to glue record

Hi, first time using the software and I am a little bit lost.

I have registered a domain with sav and tried to update the glue records to:

ns1.box.example. io - serverIP
ns2.box.example. io - serverIP

But unfortunately I am unable to do it exactly like this as they do not support two subdomains for a host (support confirmed me that on my ticket, though it is not stated in the official knowledge base). I asked them for a workaround, but they can’t provide any.

The only thing they can do is set up the records to (ns1.and ns2.) domain as in:

ns1.example. io - serverIP
ns2.example. io - serverIP

But I do not think this setup would work, as I would also like to host in the future a website on this domain but on a different server. Also, many of the System Status Checks are red and email is being flagged as spam.

Do you have any suggestion as how I may resolve this or perform some kind of work around? I am truly lost at this point, there is a lock on the domain registrar and I truly would hate to ditch MIAB.

Thank you for your help!

move to another registrar or use their DNS and configure each record separately as displayed in the admin panel under “external dns”

If SAV does not support setting the appropriate glue records you really have just two options:

  1. Transfer the domain to a different registrar.

  2. Use external DNS.

But first … which TLD is your domain on? There are some ccTLD’s which do not allow using multiple subdomains with Glue, so if you are using one of those TLD’s then this wouldn’t be Sav’s fault.

Which lock? Is this a newly registered domain?

No matter the issue … you do not have to ditch MiaB. In the worst case scenario, you’d have to register a new domain to use to host MiaB. Then you simply add your domain as a domain that the box handles email (and if desired, DNS) for.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I cannot move this domain (which is the one I intend to use) to another registrar because as it is a newly registered domain it has a transfer lock period. I have followed your advice, though there are a few records I am unable to create due to registrar limitations (e.g. SSHFP, TLSA). Though it is my understanding that these are optional.
After configuring everything manually, email is being flag as spam (by gmail, microsoft, etc), although I am not really sure why, I suspect I may have misconfigured something.

Thank you for your reply.

  1. No, they do not. Probably I will, after the transfer lock period expires as it is a newly registered domain.
  2. I have seen a basic explanation in admin → system → external dns. Roughly speaking, my understanding is that I should use another server, set up a dns server (maybe bind), export the zonefile and import it to the new server. Finally, use as a glue server entries such as ns1.newdomain.io and ns2.newdomain.io. Am I right? I have search around but could not find anything in the docs. Could you point me to the right documentation maybe? Thanks!

My TLD is .io. I had no idea some TLD do not allow this. Do you know where I can check this?

Finally, you mention I can register a new domain to use to host MiaB. Then to add my current domain as a domain that this box handles email for. Could you point me in the right direction with a guide please? Which registrar do you usually recommend for the new domain?

Thank you very much!

So mail getting flagged as spam can be for various reasons.

here is some ways to check into that:

https://dkimvalidator.com/ ← This will check your domains DKIM Records.

https://www.mail-tester.com/ ← Send an email to this website address and it will tell you your score.

These tools will probably give you some insight as to why this is happening. I suspect that it could be from a Newly Registered Domain as there is a “Spam Check” for this…

Send me a PM with the domain name, and I will take a look at your DNS records. Sometimes a typo or bad copy/paste can really be fatal.

I really wouldn’t resort to hosting you own DNS unless you are already doing it for other purposes. No, I’d recommend an account with one of the free DNS providers such as Cloudflare, or ClouDNS. Some VPS providers such as Digital Ocean, and Time4VPS, just to name a couple also offer it to their clients.

.io is a known good TLD for use with MiaB, so that leaves this to a silly restriction by your domain registrar.

MiaB is created and the guides are written with a very narrow scope in mind. To register and host email, DNS, and a simple website for a domain. Of course, it is very much more flexible than that. The problem is that there is not really a good guide for all the various ways it can be configured.

In your case, I would register a domain (stick with the known good TLD’s listed in the setup guide) and set up your MiaB to be hosted on that domain. Once MiaB is set up you can then host email, DNS, and a static website for that domain on the MiaB - one or all of the above, actually. So once your new domain (carpinchomail.net - just as an example) is hosting MiaB with everything in place, simply ADD an email user for your .io domain. At that point, MiaB will create the required DNS entries for that domain. You can then copy those entries to an external DNS provider OR you can point the name servers for your .io domain to ns1.box.carpinchomail.net - again using my example domain). Feel free to PM me or reach out on Slack if you have any questions about this.

For the reason that they offer free Secondary DNS service and it is simple to set up, I now recommend registering the domain that will host your MiaB through Gandi.net.

It is my opinion that Secondary DNS absolutely must be set up to insure that if you have a brief downtime, your email still flows.

Thank you for your reply.
I used mail-tester and I got 8.2 as record. Most of the negative part of the score was due to

|-1.985|PYZOR_CHECK|Similar message reported on Pyzor

Then I did some testing and found out for example that microsoft is totally rejecting my IP address.

Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block
list (S3150)

Any experience with that?

I wanted to make a public shout out to him for all the help and patience he provided during the configuration of MiaB. He is the man! Thank you!

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