Ufw.log missing

I have “ufw.log” missing in “/var/log/”,

“ls /var/log/ufw*”
does not show anything …

I have up-to date v0.26c running.

I tried restarting “rsyslog”
service rsyslog restart

But still not ufw.log

I did set UFW to:
ufw logging on
ufw logging high

And this is what is in “cat /etc/rsyslog.d/20-ufw.conf”
# Log kernel generated UFW log messages to file
:msg,contains,"[UFW " /var/log/ufw.log
#:msg, contains, “UFW” /var/log/ufw.log

# Uncomment the following to stop logging anything that matches the last rule.
# Doing this will stop logging kernel generated UFW log messages to the file
# normally containing kern.* messages (eg, /var/log/kern.log)
#& ~

Anyone any ideas?

ufw logs in syslog I thought?

Nope, nothing showing in “/var/log/syslog”

And no:
files either …

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