Ubunut Release UpDate 18.04 -> 20.04 and MIAB

Has someone experience with doing a release upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 and if everything (MIAB) still runs afterwards?

Some people tried this with Ubuntu 14.04 > 16.04. Some were successful, and some were not. This project is set to change underlying OS versions every 5 years to coincide with the LTS Ubuntu version reaching End of Life.

If you are using the server as only a mail server then I don’t see any real advantages to moving from 18.04 to 20.04.

As long as you keep up to date with package updates then all should be good.

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I have a fork of MIAB that works with Ubuntu 20.04 (and a lot of other stuff). See more here if you’re interested.

To be fair, though, I didn’t have a very legitimate reason to upgrade - I just went full YOLO on that. If you meant to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, maybe sticking with 18.04 will serve you better.

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I just assumed, that keeping it “up-to-date” makes it easier for the migration.
I am afraid, that upgrading later from an very old version will become more diffictult or result in conflicts which could have been avoided if I did contiouns updates.
Maybe this assumtion is wrong though.

Cool thanks, I’ll just checked out your page. Sounds awesome. I’ll will check it out.

Absolutely! But ‘keeping it up to date’ does not mean moving to a new release of the OS, rather it means keeping your current OS version updated regularly.


Thanks, I’ll keep to 18.04 then and keep it updated.

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