Ubuntu 20.04.2 on Digital Ocean; MIAB has been running fine but I can't upgrade

Hello, sorry if this is a dumb question…

I have MIAB running on an Ubuntu 20.04.2 droplet on Digital Ocean. When I try to run the curl setup.sh, I get the error that it must be run on 18.04 or 14.04.

When I originally created this droplet, I know I went with 18.04, and I don’t think I’ve ever manually upgraded, but I must have at some point. Now I’m stuck because I can’t upgrade MIAB. Can I go back without destroying everything and starting over?


hi nttbl,

Make sure you have a backup and you copy over your encrypted backups and the key to a safe place. Test that the you can decrypt the backup!

Then if you really do not have other options before reinstall you can try to do this unsupported modification that is not tested by me! :slight_smile: This is the script that checks on what Ubuntu ver you are on:

/home/[user]/mailinabox/setup/preflight.sh:if [ "lsb_release -d | sed ‘s/.:\s//’ | sed ‘s/18.04.[0-9]/18.04/’ " != "Ubuntu 18.04 LTS" ]; it checks this file content /etc/lsb-release

You can save your original /etc/lsb-release from U2004 and change the content with this:


And rerun the setup script, no guarantees of any sorts!
Make sure you have a working backup & decryption key saved elsewhere!


Alternatively you might move to 18.04 using backup and restore following:

I haven’t tried this myself however.

@latinhypercube and @nttbl backup and restore works just fine. I have done ti before, that was the reason I’m stressing on having a working off-site backups and valid key.

Best way is to do a test-flight - spin a test VM and do the actual restore backup and check that you have healthy key&backups.


This thread is over a year ago. I’m curious to know if MiaB can be installed in a docker running on a Ubuntu 20.0.4 host? I saw in a post of 2020 that the next version of MiaB would be for 21.0.4 but meanwhile, it has to be run on 18.0.4. Is this still the case or has someone created an install for 20.0.4?
Thank you very much.

You might want to consider reading this:

But the official version of MiaB runs only on 18.0X.X LTS

As I understand it, MIAB will move to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS when possible. This is being discussed on the GitHub.

That might be true, but I’m not sure if that will be anytime soon. Maybe only Josh could comment on that?

According to Ubuntu’s site - 18.04 LTS is end of life April 2028. →

We’ll have a version of Mail-in-a-Box for Ubuntu 22.04 just as soon as anyone can figure out how to make everything work.


Is there a list of broken items? Can I get a version that skips the system version check and see what breaks and fix it as I go?

Thank you.

The closest would be the PR:

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