Two "problems". Help needed

Hello, everyone.
I have the following two unrelated problems:

  1. Could anyone help me understand theese errors I get when I execute sudo cat /var/log/syslog | grep error on my ubuntu 18.04 instance? (august -

  2. How exactly, step by step, could I add my miab instance to my iPhone? (any client app I should install, the regular way iPhone offers - and please, do not shoot me, but I just can’t get to fully understand all the sectors iPhone app demands me to fulfill - I tried once to add it but didn’t work at all).
    Thanks in advance, and let me reiterate that as a newbie I do not get completely all ther terms involved.
    Thanks to you all.


Re #1. Expect to see a few “errors” in syslog - you’ll see lots of attempts (by “hackers”) to get onto your box, or perhaps to send you junk. These are sometimes reported as “errors”. If you’re having trouble sending or receiving, check the admin status page (should have no red Xs) before you worry about every message in syslog.

Is your box an untouched “Ubuntu 18.04 x64 Server” install, with a brand new MIAB install. If not, you’re on your own, so re-install a clean server image, and a fresh MIAB (run “sudo mailinabox”). Any other software installed on the box might interfere and/or confuse things - you can run other software but you’ll have to be independent and will need to learn a lot about Linux/networking/TCP/IP/mail/SSL/etc!

Re #2. Instructions on the admin page!!

Re #1: yes, ubtouched brand new install of Miab. Understood the gist of the message, so thanks a lot for the trouble of giving me such an interesting answer.

Re #2: Will check again, and again to see how to get it working on my iPhone.

Thank you very much.