Two issues (push and spam)

Hi, first thanks a lot for the great work.

I have installed the MiaB on DO server yesterday and it seem to run fine with the exception of two issues:

  • I have configured iPhone (9.1) via the link, installed the profile. But after this only “fetch” or “manual” options are available, “push” can’t be activated for this account.

  • gmail and “” put my emails to spam. I have checked with and - I don’t seems to be balcklisted anywhere. Also no bad signs in the email header. BUT, I don’t have a certificate for I have them for and www… Can it be the reason - should I purchase one more certificate?

Thanks a lot for any hints!


My understanding is that iOS doesn’t support push with IMAP. It should work if you use the Exchange/ActiveSync settings, but that method has had other problems so I don’t recommend it. Some other ideas are here.

The certificate is only used when receiving mail, not when sending it. So I don’t believe Gmail and others use this in their spam filtering (though anything is possible).

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