Two-Factor Authentication Was Disabled Without My Knowledge


Today Two-Factor Authentication was Disabled Without my knowledge when accessing my control panel ( ) and I am concerned as to how this may have happened.

I can confirm that I already enabled as I have the original set up in Google Authenticator on my phone.

I have re-enabled in Google Authenticator.

Can anyone advise me as to where i should look to find out how this may have happened?

Thanks for your feedback.


When you scan the code during the 2FA setup, did you enter the first six digit code from the app to your admin panel and click ‘Enable Two-Factor Authentication’?
Since your set up 2FA, have you log in and authenticate with a 2FA code?

Hi Thanks for your reply.

Yes I completed the set up and enabled and have logged in many times using google auth.

Is there any other way two factor could have been disabled?

I am the only person with access.

SSH disallows password-based login is enabled on my server.