Two Domains One Mailbox


I have two domains


I have one mailbox hosted on my MIAB server - this is working fine.


I want mail for hello@MYXYZ.COM to go into hello@MYXYZ.COM

both domains are held at Namecheap so I have the ability to create mail settings there if I wish.


Do I just create an MX record at Namecheap for @MYXYZ.COM and point it to my MIAB or is there recommended solution?

Thank you

You can do this with aliases in MiaB. Create an alias (or possibly an email account - I think an alias only will work) in the dashboard and then MiaB should automatically create all of the records for the new domain.

Go to External DNS and use the settings for the new domain in the Namecheap BasicDNS.

The correct answer depends upon who is handling DNS for that domain. If NameCheap is handling it then yes, point the MX record to your MIAB hostname.

Then configure domain aliasing in the MiaB control panel, if preferred, or an email alias. Either will work with your use case.

Thank you.

I have created an alias in MiaB and pointed to my nameservers from namecheap.

All good.


Do you mean you created an alias in the MiaB dashboard that does not point to an email address hosted by MiaB? That will not work.

I have a domain alias that points


hello@MYABC.COM is the catch all address for @MYABC.COM

Therefore any emails for @MYXYX.COM are sent to hello@MYABC.COM

If I have any mailboxes on @MYABC.COM for example (user1@MYABC.COM) then user1@MYXYX.COM will be sent to user1@MYABC.COM

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