Two domains on One Mail-in-a-box?

Hey guys,

So quick question… I have mail-in-a-box set up on a domain, let’s say it’s mysite.COM. All of it works fine – it’s working great in fact. Super-fast, super-stable, no problems at all.

The problem comes from actually a typo though, my own mistake…

So I’ve made an error and sent out a document with me@mysite.NET as my email contact info, but it really should me me@mysite.COM. I updated the document already, but it’s already gone out to a few people who may try to email me at me@mysite.NET instead of .COM address.

mysite.COM - points to working mail in a box, uses the configuration, registered at namecheap etc.
mysite.NET - is another domain I own via Namecheap, but doesn’t point to anything. It’s just registered, and I own it, but that’s it.

Is there an easy way to point all email from mysite.NET to mysite.COM ? I don’t really care about the details, but it’d be nice for all the email for both domains to go to mail in a box on the .COM domain somehow.

Is this doable? For the moment, I’ll probably just use namecheap email forwarding… Is there a better solution, or is DNS email forwarding at your registrar pretty much the best way to catch mistyped mail that comes into the .NET instead of the .COM domain extension?

Thanks in advance


Set up DNS for the other domain like you did the original domain (not the glue records part, if you did that, but everything else — see the setup guide). Then just use the box’s control panel to add a domain alias to forward all mail to the primary domain.

Thanks Josh. That sounds like the best solution; I’ll look into that now.

To clarify: When you say ‘do everything but the glue records’ … I remember the glue records part, so I won’t do that. Do you mean actually point the mysite.NET DNS to mail-in-a-box (, scrapping namecheap’s DNS servers for both domains? (ie. I already don’t use namecheap DNS at all for the working & stable box.mysite.COM setup… I followed the instructions line-for-line for that correctly working setup) I just want to make sure I understand what you mean for the mysite.NET domain.

For what it’s worth, I just tried namecheap’s “email forwarding” for the mysite.NET domain; Essentially I tell namecheap to forward me@mysite.NET to me@mysite.COM.

EDIT: Okay , looks like Namecheap built-in email forwarding is working as a temporary solution. Seems like the DNS just needed to propagate; it’s working now, emails to me@mysite.NET go to me@mysite.COM.

The above is my duct-tape solution, though the appropriate solution is obviously what you mentioned in your reply.

Thanks again

Yes, that is right…