Two domain names redirect to one email box


I have two domain names with the same names different TLD, the first one has miab box installed on it and the second one only redirect the the first domain.

My initial idea was to add in the DNS of my service provider an MX record that redirect to the However, this one did not work, the DNS looks perfect, but when sending a domain name to the from google, I got Relay access denied error.

Then, I searched online and it seems that I needed to add and SPF record like the following:

v=spf1 -all

I have added this one and it did not work neither.

Any one has an idea how to do that. Do I need to change some configs in miab so this works ?

To have your box manage multiple domains, follow this guide Basically, you have to add an alias or user for on your and adjust the name servers for to use the same ones as for