Twitter Poll about JoshData's Projects and their Future in 2016

Dear Community,

I think I speak for all when I say that mail in a Box is a great project.
With approximately 30 new installations every day it’s a great project with a little but great growing community.

The more I was shocked when I read an announcement of @JoshData on Twitter that he will close one of its projects 2016.

I want you to vote. I do not want to say what you should choose or vote. You should submit only your voice.
That is how democracy works.

I appreciate that — and I’ve never been compared to a democratic government before. :smile:

(I’m not actually going to be making major life decisions based on a twitter poll, but I am running out of time for things.)

Man, that was not easy trying to come up to speed on everything Josh is doing.

Please don’t shut down MiAB!!!

Maybe start accepting PayPal donations or something … :smile:

@cexa1901 Or maybe create a business model with “MiaB Enterprise Edition” or a hosted-box service ;)) :smiley: :smiley:

I navigated to @JoshData but I did not see where or how to vote on the listed topics.

@cexa1901: I can’t imagine that MiaB users would be willing to donate anywhere close to what it would take to displace time I spend on paid things.

@aspdye: I really don’t want to be anyone’s sysadmin!

@pimpedoutgeek: It was a twitter poll. The poll is now closed. It wasn’t serious — as I said above, I’m not making major decisions based on a twitter poll. :slight_smile:

Thanks all.

Would it help you to strengthen the MIAB team (developers, support, design, …)?

@JoshData is ‘abandoning MiaB project soon’ an already taken final decision at your end?

  • I would need to know that asap to be able to decide to stop building email needs or NOT for some recently adquired domains over several MiaB powered servers and to migrate my current ones before that could happens.
  • if you already know that, your confirmation would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance for your quick answer!

No no no no no!

The tweet was venting frustration. It wasn’t a serious thing about dropping any particular project.

For this reason i edited the Topic of this Topic to something less “aggressive” :wink:

Uff… Thanks for that!