Turn off Junk Mail Filter

Is there a way to turn off junk mail filtering for a specific mailbox? I have one mailbox that is constantly having valid emails going to the junk folder.

Thank you

This is the province of Spamassassin. If the spam emails are marked as ham and returned to the inbox (manually) then Spamassassin should learn.

The configuration of Spamassassin is here. The comments tell you what is going on.

Spamassassin wiki here with tips for using.

Hope this helps.

Manually adding to whitelist of Spamassassin. Haven’t needed to try this myself.

It doesn’t learn pretty fast. The MIAB box is sending emails to the admin and they get in the Junk folder… Got me scratching my head…

Move all the mails that are not spam into your inbox
then run this command

sudo sa-learn --ham /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/*/*/cur/

This will initiate the learning for ham mails

sudo sa-learn --spam /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/*/*/.Spam/cur/

2nd command is to learn spam mails


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