Tunnel local vagrant installation to rootserver

When I install mail in a box with vagrant on my local machine logically I get this errormessage during setup so it cannot continue:

==> default: You will not be able to send mail using this machine, so setup
==> default: cannot continue.
==> default: Associate a different IP address with this machine if possible.
==> default: Many residential network IP addresses are listed, so Mail-in-a-Box
==> default: typically cannot be used on a residential Internet connection.

I have an online server that has not the power to run a vm there, but can’t I just setup a ssh tunnel into my server for this VM, so it thinks it is dwelling on my rootserver?

Hello. A setup like that might be possible if you use a VPN tunnel (not a SSH tunnel), if you route all of your local server’s outbound traffic out through your remote server (which is why a VPN would be needed), if you forward all of the appropriate inbound traffic to the local server (including UDP for DNS, unless you use external DNS), and set the PUBLIC_IP (public server IP) and PRIVATE_IP (local server IP) environment variables prior to running the setup script. Then maybe it will work, but probably not.

But I don’t provide technical support beyond the recommended setup, and this is definitely not a recommended way to set things up, so you’ll be on your own if something goes wrong.