TTL isn't changing

I’ve seen a couple of messages regarding TTL, but with no solution.

How can I change TTL? has a couple of lines for this, which I’ve changed, but it has not taken effect in my zone files.

I’ve manually edited my zone files, then restarted NSD, but TTL hasn’t changed.

I’ve tried nsd-control reload with no luck.

I see a database in /var/lib/nsd, but sqlite3 says it’s encrypted or not a database.

So…how can I change TTL? Even just to change the default would be helpful. Thanks!

This looks like a good place to start but just to note: MIAB default TTL is 30 minutes. So after making change in NSD and restarting service you will need to wait AT LEAST that amount of time before changes take affect.

Thanks for the link. The commands at the bottom of that page don’t seem applicable to what MIAB is running. There’s no nsdc, and those parameters don’t work with nsd.

I’ve been struggling with this for several weeks and any changes I’ve made just aren’t showing up after waiting an hour, a day, a week.