Trying to set up a secondary DNS

Hi Guys,

I started off with and as glue records pointing at the same IP. Once I was up and running, I changed this so pointed at a box set up as a secondary, but for some reason I am unable to change the definition of to point at the new IP, from within mailinabox.

If I change anything in /etc/nsd it seems to get overwritten.
Where would the definitive copy of’s IP address be stored, i.e. where should I make the change to point it at the new secondary?

There is an option for secondary DNS on the Custom DNS page (scroll down).

Hi Josh, yes I’ve done that, but that just adds XFR records to nsd. The problem being it adds the IP of, which is still the same as … I need to change the IP of, setting a secondary doesn’t do this. I’ve tried adding an XFR:(ip) as a secondary, that works and the secondary sync’s, but “ns2” is still pointing at the primary rather than the secondary …

Put a hostname into that field (not an IP address)… and I guess don’t use – use something else.

Ok, still end up with the same problem, secondary is syncing, but both ns1 and ns2 point at the same IP …

You’re not using ns2 anymore though.

Ahhh, Ok, so the glue records effectively become irrelevant … bingo!

I now have it running on and … looks to be working! :smile:

Many thanks - minor suggestion, secondary DNS would have been a snip, but that one bit of documentation I didn’t pick up was pretty critical … it’s a little bit “counter intuitive” …

Also maybe worth mentioning that if you load up lots of messages, it’ll probably do some interesting things. First problem I had was memory limits being hit which meant that it could no longer display my inbox. I fixed this by changing /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-master.conf:default_vsz_limit = 500M, again, not immediately obvious.

Still got a problem with ActiveSync, it effectively stopped working when I loaded the message base, but it looks like it’s another memory issue, trying to archive stuff off into sub-folders to see if that helps. (seems to repeatedly try something that spins up php5-fpm until it runs out of memory, then it tries again, ad-infinitum, does nasty things to the server load)

You have to change the glue records too.

Ok, it’s starting to look pretty good, treat it well and it’s a very nice configuration … :slight_smile: … abuse it with 300,000 messages and you probably get what you’re asking for … :wink:

So I have about 10 domains listed now … is there any way of disabling all the reporting for “www.(domain)”, given I’m only using this for email - it would cut the size of status down by half.

Also, my custom DNS records listing is starting to look quite long … I don’t suppose there is a plan to group DNS records by domain, maybe on separate pages?

Anyway, it’s a great project, many thanks!

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