Trouble with receiving from gmail (slow inbox)

Hi @JoshData,

I’ve recently installed mail-in-a-box in a custom server at digital ocean, so far so good!

However, I noticed emails from gmail are taking hours to arrive to the inbox of my server (for instance emails coming from yahoo take about ~5 minutes), I’ve double checked my configuration and everything is “green” under “System Status Checks”, maybe I’m missing something.

Could you guys help me with this issue ?



Just an update:

Before it would take hours to get emails sent from GMAIL to my mail-in-a-box server, but now they are not even coming to my server. I don’t get any error message on the gmail side (shows as it was sent), the emails are simply disappearing in the process.

Again, emails sent from other providers (aka yahoo are working properly).

I’ve reviewed my configuration at least 100 times, checked in spam blacklists as well and nothing seems to be wrong. I’m running out of ideas what can be the issue.

Thanks for any help.


For anyone having the same problem, I got it sorted out by forcing the dns flushing on google:

Thanks for posting the solution! Haven’t seen this before.

Did it resolve immediately for you? I just flushed :sweat_smile: - but no change. Sending to Gmail is pretty much immediate. But I will not recieve anything from their end, no return no nothing. Everything else seems to work just fine.

Pretty frustrating.