Trouble with .jp (possibly)

I have setup MB in the past, using .com and .tokyo domains, both worked fine with Hetzner. This time I plan to use a .jp domain and Linode, because I need a Japan based VPS.

So in Linode I try to setup a reverse DNS to This returns the error

have a matching forward entry. If your entry was added to your domain service recently, it may take some time for the changes to propagate.

And it does not let me save it.

In Gandi, I try to setup external DNS NS, but it returns the error: has no IP address but is a glue record

and trying to enter a glue record, I get:

Unable to create resource glueRecords.

Now, I am sure, some of the errors are related to each other. But I don’t know where to start. It seems to me I am in a kind of loop with no out?

It’s possible that either Gandi or the .jp TLD require two different IP addresses for the name server records.

The rDNS is only for deliverability and doesn’t affect the operation of MiaB. Your problem right now is the name server issue.

On second thought, that issue may not be related to the same IP address for both records, as I misread and you are having issues creating the record, in the first place.

Yes, I suspect a Gandi issue with .jp, as I have done the exact same thing prior on .com . I tried to search for MIAB user experiences with .jp, but could not find anything.

Ah, there is also a Linode guide for MIAB: How to Create an Email Server with Mail-in-a-Box | Linode . Not that it would fix my problem :slight_smile:

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Maybe Gandi support can help out?

I sure hope so! I have written them, but considering their support is slow during the week, I have little hope for the weekend.

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Some ccTLD’s have unique requirements for name servers, etc. My Google-fu was not being very successful in attempting to determine if .jp is one of those TLD’s.

So, the first question that comes to mind is … why use the .jp TLD for the mail server itself? As MiaB will handle email and DNS for any domain assigned to it, you do not have to specifically run the MiaB install on the domain which it will be serving email.

Just something to consider … @Mg344

Thanks! That would have been my next question actually, if I can use MIAB to DNS for any domain. Good to know that it can :slight_smile:

Just to follow up, Gandi support got back to me. They infomed me that

glue records on .jp domains only accept 1 IP address

and they created the glue record manually for my IP (they probably saw my previous attempts in their logs?). After that I was able to set one nameserver only. It is propagating now, fingers crossed that it works that way.

They referred me to this guide When and How to Use Gandi’s Secondary Nameserver | Domain Names - Advanced Users | Gandi Documentation to possibly setup a second NS (one of theirs), but I am unsure, if that will work with MIAB.

Let’s see what happens after the propagation.

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Gandi support is on fire today! They re-checked and replied again:

I noticed that your name server is returning two NS records:

$ dig NS @XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX +short

This could create issues as is no longer an authoritative name server for

(edits are mine)

So my guess is, MIAB really needs two NS and if I only supply one, it will take what was the NS previously.

Question is: Which is the more stable configuration?
A) Set-up another .com domain and use that with MIAB (as per @alento 's suggestion above)
B) Follow the guide supplied by Gandi support (link above)

There are 5 free (free as in $0 registration) tlds for meiru available at the moment at freenom.

Meiru (メイル) is Japanese for “mail”.

Unlikely that I will use them. Their reviews are mainly poor. Here’s one that is more balanced and explains their business practices Freenom Review: Does it really give free domains? (2021)

The free domains are .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ . There is no indication on the MIAB setup page that these will work. Have you successfully setup a MIAB on one of their free domains?

I used a custom .ml to test MIAB. Works fine.

That would be great, if .jp allowed 2 name servers. So no.

MiaB is expecting two … but… it will work with one. Unless the gandi name server that you removed was I am going to suggest that it was somehow left over from before changing name servers to MiaB from Gandi…

Well option B) won’t work, so probably option A).

They will work, yes. BUT DON’T, just don’t. I had a test .ml domain for months … The ‘renewal’ notice from FreeNom went to spam, so I missed the narrow renewal window. Afterwards, they offered me to buy the domain back. No thanks!

I went with a .com domain, which works fine. Thanks everyone for the help!

That is part of their business model, as I learnt from the hostingpill article above.

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