Trouble migrating to MIAB .40

I’m having trouble migrating to .40. I’m moving my server to AWS Lightsail because it’s so cheap. I think I have two unrelated issues.

  1. nsd4 is not able to listen on the public IP address. This is due to how AWS handles public IP addresses, the system doesn’t know anything about its public ip address. I’m not so concerned about this because I will use an external DNS service. nsd4 is listening and working on the box directly

  2. I am not receiving many emails and getting a few errors:
    postfix/smtpd: warning: restriction `reject_authenticated_sender_login_mismatch’ ignored: no SASL support
    most emails are not coming into the new system. I noticed that the postfix config doesn’t match the old server, I have this setting:
    smtpd_sasl_auth_enable = no
    The existing server has it set to yes, and seems like that is correct. If I set this to yes will that address this issue?

Can I live with issue #1?