Translation reuest

Hi everyone,

can someone please translate this system statement to me:

“The SSH server on this machine permits password-based login. A more secure way to log in is using a public key. Add your SSH public key to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys, check that you can log in without a password, set the option ‘PasswordAuthentication no’ in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, and then restart the openssh via ‘sudo service ssh restart’.”

What is public key ?
What is SSH public key ?
Will it affect user logging in to mailboxes ?
What is sudo service ssh restart ?

When you log in to the actual VPS that is hosting your MiaB install you can log in using a username and password OR a more secure method of logging in is to use Public Key Authorization (PKA). With PKA no username/password is sent but instead a key file is sent. If that key file matches allowed key files you will be logged in.

What OS do you use for your daily computing? Do you have any experience with Linux personally?

I will find and link an article or two explaining more about the subject later.

O sure, I understand it now. It’s similar to what Cloud providers do for their clients - two way authentication or similar.

Can you please send links to explanatory articles ?

Also, I avoided this method for the sake of complexity. But when do I really need it ?

When you have multiple servers that you are constantly accessing via SSH. It is a huge time saver as well as being a huge security improvement.