Translation request 2

Hi everyone,

I am not understanding this system statement:

“This domain’s DNSSEC DS record is not set. The DS record is optional. The DS record activates DNSSEC. To set a DS record, you must follow the instructions provided by your domain name registrar and provide to them this information:”

What does this mean and what is to be done ?

The DNS system uses a public key to insure that the DNS records are legitimate and have not been hijacked by someone malicious. DNSSEC is the mechanism to set that up. Personally, I do not. However, if you run a domain that may be high volume or unpopular politically, setting up DNSSEC may help avoid a DNS poisoning issue.

If you should actually want to set up DNSSEC then click the show more link and supply the information to the domain registrar in a similar manner as you would tell them the nameservers. Once DNSSEC is set up - IF you ever are to move name servers you will have nothing but problems if it is not disabled first.