Transferring email from easyspace to Mail-in-a-Box

Hi! We’re a small firm and we’re looking to ditch easyspace for a self-hosted mail.
We’re looking for some other alternatives, and Mail-in-a-Box looks great, given we must host in the UK and DO offers very good solutions for that.

The problem we have is that we have setup a large number of DNS records already that are being currently used, including mostly A-records for sub-domains. So setting things up with transferring DNS holding to Mail-in-a-Box is not really an option.

So how do we do that properly if we’re to set all the mail and mx records? Is there a guide? Could not find that in the original one.

Thanks for the help!

Once the box is running, the control panel has an External DNS section that shows all of the records you need to set up.

Wow, thanks, Josh!! Did not realise that from the how-to tutorial!