Transactional mails through SES


I recently installed Mail in a Box on Amazon EC2 instance.

I was looking for creating email accounts @ my domain name so that I can use transactional and marketing emails. I saw MiAB and experimented to find that I really that.

I have verified an email and now wish to use SES for transactional Email for my App.

I am also planning to use Mautic using SES to send marketing emails to my app users. Again verifying at MaIB.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Is Amazon EC2 a good place to host Mautic? I have a lot of AWS credits that’s why decided to host it here.
  2. Is verifying a domain at Mail in a box going to affect my deliverability? How exactly Mail in a box will affect my mail campaigns.
  3. Receiving emails from a campaign is going to be affected by using MaIB. Should I use Google Suite instead?

I am sorry if these questions are naive. Kindly refer any related links which will be helpful in understanding.


I would suggest asking on the Mautic support forums.

I am not sure of exactly what you mean by ‘verifying a domain at MiaB’ …

Receiving emails is what MiaB does best IMHO, why would you want to use Google Suite? If for features outside of the scope of MiaB, sure use whichever you’d prefer.

  1. Oh. I am sorry I meant MiAB instead of Mautic.

Thanks for your response.

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