Total Email queue count for a period

Hi, is there a way that i check how many emails were sent for a period? I use sendy and it seems that it send twice even more to many subscribers so i want to compare what goes out from sendy and goes in MiaB.
on SSH with mailq i only see the current count.

You can get a count for all Mails in the Maillog easy with:

grep "postfix/smtp" /var/log/mail.log | grep "to=" | grep -v NOQUEUE | wc -l

And if yo like to get some lines so you can see the recipients just remove the last | wc -l and you will see the delivers.

Hi Jalogisch, thank you very nuch. that works fine. And is there a way that i control the send speed?
I want to control how many emails are send per hour?

We have a tool to parse the log. Run:


That has help info as well by adding --help.

Rate limiting isn’t supported.

Thank you. I run it, but it shows No such file or directory. Why so?

It’s in the directory where MIAB was installed. Generally ~/mailinabox/management/