TLS 1.2 only and current state of Autodiscover


I’d like to thank everyone for their efforts in keeping this product what it is!

I understand that the changes I am asking about are unsupported and simply request assistance in implementing them. I do not wish the answer to become public knowledge so someone else might find the answers and incorrectly assume these settings are the recommended ones. I do not wish to add additional burden to @JoshData and all contributors.

  1. I’d like to harden my MiaB install so that only TLS 1.2+ with no weak cypers is available. Do I only tinker with the nginx ssl config or are there other places that I need to touch? SMTP perhaps?

  2. What is the current state of Autodiscover/Autoconfig. I have an all Mac environment and I’d like to be able to get the settings for Mac Mail to just work. I read some old threads but could not understand whether this is currently unsupported for Mac Mail or it’s an incompatibility with Z-Push. How do I make it work?

  3. Is there a future for 2FA in MiaB?

Once again, a warm thank you goes out to all the good folks that work on this project tirelessly!