TLD .top working fine at registrar

Just letting you people know, as I couldn’t find any information about this tld nor about this registrar, so I took a chance.

.top domains registered on porkbun can be set up by following the mailinabox setup guide.

To set up glue records, follow their guide:

To set up DNSSEC, follow their guide, but DON’T provide the fields in the keyData frame:

It’ll take some time for mailinabox to identify the DNSSEC record, so have patience. For me it worked within an hour of creation.

Suggestion: Regarding setup of DNSSEC, it might be a good idea to split the DNSSEC data fields in the controlpanel into two groups, and/or to textually explain which fields belongs together, and that you might not need to provide the keyData-related fields.

Thanks for a great and easy to setup mail server. Keep up the great work.

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