Tips on Setup MIAB - Getting a clean IPv6 and IPv4

I am posting these tips to help newbies who have installed MIAB on any VPS or cloud hosting provider.

Make sure you ask your VPS or cloud hosting provider to give you, your very own /64 as SpamHaus blacklists (such as XBL) treat a /64 as one IPv6. If your cloud hosting provider gives you a /128 from a shared /64, then, you will be penalised for the abuses by your neighbour on the shared /64. When Spamhaus puts an entire /64, this is because they consider putting individual /128 into the blacklist as too much hard work as there are too many IPv6 addresses in a shared /64 and a /64 is not supposed to be shared anyway.

As for IPv4 addresses, I noted that Digital Ocean has a lot of IPv4 addresses that is in Spamhaus blacklist. If you use Digital Ocean, then you have to manually write to Spamhaus to whitelist your newly acquired IPv4 address. This is a pain.

If you are looking for a cloud hosting provider that is good for email, I recommend these:

  1. Akamai operated (IPv4 and IPv6)
  2. Microsoft Azure (IPv4 and IPv6 - use load balancer)
  3. (IPv4 only and IP has great reputation)

I hope this helps.

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