Thunderbird caldav setup?

So IDK if this is just a poor implementation by thunderbird but I have been unable to get the calendar working no matter what settings I use. In contrast Apple Calendar is able to tell the settings just from my URL alone and everything is so smooth.

Is it possible to get this to work with thunderbird cal?

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It used to work!

I can’t get it working anymore. As soon as I set up the calendar in Thunderbird v.60.something (with a beta Lightning add-on, since v.60 broke the production Lightning add-on), the calendar’s checkbox indicating active or not unchecks itself.

So, I too would love to hear more about this. In the meantime I’m using a separate calendar program (which is working just fine), but I really would prefer Thunderbird + Lightning for my Mail-in-box NextCloud calendar.

I have tried just putting the URL in for my server (should redirect and work) this ends up looking like an unchecked grey box and it never complains or anything but it never activates or connects.

I have tried
and doing it this way asks formy username and password. Then it stays checked off but nothing shows up in the calendar and it never complains.

I have no idea what is going on but this seems like the worst calendaring application ever. No mentions of anything. No way to change settings (you need to delete an account and re-add it every time).

Clicking synchronize calendars gives you no notification if things fail or succeed. I am at a total loss.

Okay so this still isn’t working, and the mozzillazine forum is pretty hopeless. As an alternative what email clients/cal apps do you guys use? Really want to avoid outlook.

Thunderbird requires a plugin I think to work with caldav and carddav.

Okay I am trying to use outlook and I cannot get the calendar to work with outlook either. No error messages. Tried my website with autoconfig and the long url none work. What is up with this?

I also tried the nextcloud outlook plugin and that doesn’t seem to work either. Also tried the URL specifically in the calendar app under settings and that doesn’t work either.

I managed to get it working with one login, however there appears to be a bug in Thunderbirds Lightning add on. Once it’s added one username it uses the same username even if you are trying to log in to a different calendar on the same server.

Edit - I’ve found a fix that now lets me add multiple calendars from the same server.

  1. Hit Alt then select Tools->Options
  2. Click advanced.
  3. Click Config Editor
  4. You’ll see a new box appear, with a warning - select OK to proceed
  5. In the search box type multirealm
  6. You’ll see the option - change it to true.
  7. Close Window and click OK to close options box.
  8. Shut down Thunderbird and then re-open it.
  9. If the calendar is still on the system you should now be asked for a username and password. If not simply add it.

I now have two separate users calendars from two domains on my box opening in the same Thunderbird session.

Source -

Never mind two I can’t even get one to work!

Outlook will need CalDAV plugin as well…

I tried the plugin and it is not working!

I’ve posted a video on Youtube see if that helps.

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I didn’t even know there was another link there. Still doesn’t work with that link either. I put it in, it asks for my account info, it adds it, and then it never syncs. Using Thunderbird 60. I have tried on windows 10, and on linux, the beta version of thunderbird, the daily thunderbird, nothing works.