Thoughts/Experiences using Ionos VPS as host

I am planning to just use MiaB as a simple staging area for my custom domain supplying POP to clients that would pull the email. Very simple use case so looking most economical appraoch - most email hosting come with a lot of collaboration-ware which I don’t need.

Has anyone tried using Ionos VPS? Their pricing looks amazing for their lightest option ($2/month!) - it only comes with 512mb RAM tho; That’s the bare minimum from the MiaB specs but given I am not doing anything really - I think enough?

I have a lightly used personal server:

$ free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           985M        445M        140M         51M        399M        327M
Swap:          1.0G         36M        987M

My opinion is that 512MB doesn’t cut it for a mail server.

That’s a shame - the next level up is 5x the cost ($10/month) - still low but would have been useful if the small grade was sufficient… … …

There are many VPS providers offering 1GB @ $5/month. I happen use Vultr, many others use Digital Ocean, perhaps Linode would work and probably more.

@ktrinh I currently use a VPS provider in Romania which is $3/month for a 2GB VPS … or if you want to be closer to home I have a provider in the US/EU which is $3.50/month for a 1GB VPS.

@alento - Cool thanks for the tips; perhaps PM me with details on the providers and I can do some own investigation to see if suitable for what I have in mind.

This is my first foray into this cloud server stuff so don’t know how all these things work - @openletter not too sure how to read the ‘free -h’ output you shared? When you say 512MB doesn’t cut it, what is the effects of being low on memory - what type of errors/problems would you encounter. With the 1G/2G alternatives - would it be enough based on the free report output?

It’s going to be very slow and depending on how much swap is configured it will crash from time to time.

Sorry, I haven’t had an opportunity to come back to this yet. I will later and I will do it here so that others can get the benefit of the information as well. :slight_smile:

Hi there - just touching base; could you provide the reference to the VPS provider?


Found out Ionos have a free trial - $100 credit for first month.

Tried it out and found it is horrible. Very dumb slow (nowhere near the 400 megabit link they promise) and the whole system reeks of trying to squeeze out dollars from ‘add on services’ and other weird little tricks. Support abysmal.

A shame coz it looked like a nice potential low cost option…