Those facing Port 25 issues temporary relay FREE

I have purchased a new instance in Germany and I keep it for my test domain there.
IPs are all fine and clear. It is paid for a year.

Since this is just for contingency I am willing to let any non-spammer and non-bulk sender who has port 25 blocked on its VPS and doesn’t wish to use Mailjet or similar relays to this pure non-bulk and noncommercial smtp. Just for personal mail, no notifications Joomla Word Press registrations or you know that we will get blacklisted.

Please DM me if you are one of those to receive instructions for the relay.
You can change your relay smpt password via admin panel (just don’t change mine).

Relay only!! for those with good intention all others sending unsolicited messages and spam will be banned.

This is also good for those temporally on a blacklist or those having filthy IPs waiting to get delisted.