Theoretical Question Regarding Updates

If I considered mailinabox an install-only script, and just updated my packages (through apt) and nextcloud apps/version (I unlocked admin), would there be any major ramifications from that? Assume that I have my setup the way I like it and may not necessarily want any real changes that might occur from the MIAB installer. I do have S3 storage set up in my nextcloud config as well as the preview generator Nextcloud app. I know that those are not supported, but I also do not want to run the MIAB update script and reset say my S3 storage or something.

Side question, if I added php 7.3 is there anything in place that would inherently break? I would prefer to use the Nextcloud Mail app rather than roundcube as I can see my calendar there.

Just for some background: I’m moving from (MIAB on VPS with ONLY using the mail function + Nextcloud on a home server using contacts/calendar/files) TO (One vps, using MIAB and moving my Nextcloud functionality to the built-in version - using S3 for my storage). I’m aware of sqlite and vps performance and how it affects me.

The amount of “trouble” will depend on projects outside of MiaB, so it is truly impossible to guess. It could be stated as: do you want to be on your own supporting your server, or do you want the assistance of the MiaB contributors? However, the project is open source so you can always just see what gets posted to the GitHub, though that may lag behind your actual needs.

When I read these questions, I often wonder: why do you desire your mail server to have so much non-mail server functionality? Wouldn’t it be better to just have a different server perform those functions and let your mail server just sit quietly and reliably performing its mail server duties? Because that is where MiaB really shines.

Mostly I just got sick of having to rely on my Internet for my Nextcloud. My upload speed is trash and I can deal with just using the functionality I’m given (aside from preview generator). I store my family photos in Nextcloud so I need at least that to have a somewhat functional gallery. I was wanting to install the mail app but it’s not imperative it just annoys me that I cannot access my calendar in Roundcube.

Also I live in Houston, well nearby now. Between moving and dealing with changing my IP and the freeze that happened a few months ago, I said F it, I’m moving it upward.

It’s also just more cost effective to have one vps for everything than to have another server for just Nextcloud.

The budget considerations will certainly matter, but for a cloud service, I have to admit I’m only one user on my install, but I’ve several domains and devices and it’s $5 per month and the server doesn’t even break a sweat (15-minute load average usually 0.00). A second server at only another $5 doesn’t seem like that much, especially if I were to amortize it across the time saved as I have previously managed my own (far less featureful) mail servers.

I also get really annoyed when my mail server goes down. If I lose functionality and tools I have on other servers, it’s inconvenient, but mail being down can be just straight intrusive.

If this is what you’re looking to do, why bother with the MIAB installer at all? Just install and maintain the separate packages yourself. Some people don’t like the “all in one” model that MIAB provides, but there’s nothing that says you can’t use the install and maintenance scripts modified to your own liking. It just means that when you start looking for support here on the forums you might be very much on your own.

If you buy a car and replace the engine, fuel system, etc. with afternarket parts, that’s fine, but you won’t be able to roll it down to your local dealer and have them fix it when it stops running.

I posted this regarding a similar question re extended features of Nextcloud. Note however that the Cloudron approach needs more horsepower so will cost more anyway. I have MIAB on $5 pm VPS and Cloudron on a $10 pm VPS.

Nextcloud requires PHP 7.3