The VULTR 'Storage Instance' option

Dear friends,

There’re scenarios we may want to use the built-in OWNCLOUD to host/share, backup or have available every-where our personal files but has been dificult to get a big server system disk without paying a lot for CPU’s and lot of GB’s of RAM, too…

  • With the target to build my own personal server powered with MiaB but a least with 250Gb of total disk space (but upgradable in the future) that could allow me to downgrade my current DROPBOX PRO account (10 EUR/ month by btw) to the FREE option. Finally got the right offer at VULTR named as Storage Instance that offers an Ubuntu 14.04 server with 1CPU | 1Gb RAM and 250GB of SATA disk but this offer is not advertised at their ‘public’ homepage (at least not, yet) …

To access to this option you must have a VULTR account already and pay attention to select Storage Instance when creating a new server… See this picture to preview its hidden options

Hope you will enjoy It, too!

I see no advantage about the biennially package from If you truly want storage go for the 1 TB option for 24 euro per year.

@dofl Thanks for that… Surely I’ll give It a try soon, too!

edited-160822-1105 CEST: “All our VPS’s are powered by highly modified OpenVZ virtualization platform…” Uhmm this could be an issue… are you already using It with MiaB?

Just thought I would weigh in -
I have been hosting on a Vultr Storage Instance for ~ 5 months now, and (mostly) loving it.

  • 1 CPU, 1GB MEM, 250GB SATA Storage for $10/mo? Steal
    -Vultr support is extremely prompt and overall pleasant to deal with
    -Uptime! Reading around it sounds like I just had bad luck, but for whatever reason (after 5 months or so of hosting on Vultr) I began to experience periods of extreme latency, especially with DISK IO - Yes, I am WELL aware this doesn’t perform on par with a SSD based VPS Instance, but this was taking be 3-4 hours to move ~15 GB locally, with an enormous disk queue. A full backup (roughly 22GB) was out of the question for me; after 4 hours it had only managed to transfer ~3.5GB to S3. These symptoms worsened till the host node started experiencing unexpected reboots ever 2 weeks (literally every other Friday spanning over 2 months). After 5 of these reboots my request to be migrated to another host node was finally taken seriously - and now I couldn’t be happier! This migration was completed 10 days ago (8/20/16), and involved a 5 hour downtime - but ultimately I am now able to complete a full backup to S3 in about 2 hours versus roughly 16 before the move.

Sorry for the rambling story - I just wanted to alert anyone using these services that if you are experiencing extremely sub-par disk performance and support continues telling you this is normal / you should have gone with an SSD VPS, beg to be moved to another node - it is absolutely not normal.

Overall: I would recommend them, with the caveats that you should DEFINITELY use a secondary DNS, and monitor your disk IO to make sure a full backup wouldn’t have your MIAB instance offline for an entire day.