The Easiest Way to Add A Spam Filter


Like many servers out there, I have a spam problem; I’ve been recently blacklisted by Barracuda and I want to up my security and my spam configuration. Apart from moving mail to the SPAM folder, what other ways are there to blacklist domains/keywords by using the software already installed on Mailinabox? I scoured through my mail log file and it’s 11K lines long and apart from me sending mail, it’s full of ambiguous servers trying to connect and disconnect from my server.

Please help! I keep getting emails from the same email address all the time and they are all spammy!!!


Wait… What does your server being blacklisted have to do with receiving spam?

Because it couldn’t have been a coincidence - me suddenly receiving loads of spam and barracuda blacklisting me. I contacted Barracuda, asked them to remove my server from their database - they were kind enough to reply and tell me in detail that it could have been because of a virus on my box or because of a lot of spam. I ran rkhunter and found nothing, so I thought I’d get my spam config right. Also, it could have been because of a previous owner of my IP; DigitalOcean replied to me, regarding this and told me that they try to keep their IPs very clean and all, but they can’t foresee everything…

Howdy, before MIAB I ran my own email server using approximately the same sources but not as well put together or as maintainable as MIAB.

Not having luck w/ Spamassassin I resorted to running my own DNS blacklist.

A DNS blacklist works but is a lot of maintenance.

And, I found the spammers knowing the source of their bounced email would spoof may email server hostname and IP to get me put on various DNS blacklists.

Now that I’m using MIAB the only thing I have to do is move mail to Junk and run the a Perl script @ the following link found on the MIAB discussion forum

Bayes Spamassassin


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