"That's not a vaild email address" issue


On the setup of MiaB I’m ask for the email that I want to manage.

but when I enter myname@mydomainname.com the application give me that message

I’ve double check on potential space that the start/end and used only standard characters.

I’m running version 0.48 on a Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit) on a VPS

It’s the first time I’m using a server of any kind, so thanks for your help !

Edit : Gandi say that Glue Records take 1 to 72 hours to be active. I just setup that 2 hours ago can this be the issue ?

Need Ubuntu 18.04 for MiaB now.

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Hi, @Dubss

You absolutely MUST use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server edition as the underlying operating system to install Mail-in-a-Box. So there is no point in trying to investigate the error you have encountered. Please do a reinstall of your VPS’s OS and try again.

No, not at all. Gandi’s system is rather good, so assuming that this is the first time you have set Glue records for the domain, they should be functional near immediately.

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Thanks for the response !

Yeah it was the Ubuntu version, I will read more toughly next time

It’s all is functional now :grin:

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