Thank you contributors of MiaB!

This isn’t a question. Just an adulation for the everyone who worked for this project.

I just discovered this project via NextCloud. The results I got from Google in my efforts to deploy my own email server did not yield appealing presentations of MiaB(perhaps we need to work on this?)
I run an expensive EC2 instance of NextCloud and love it(not the expensive part about it). In addition, I am currently using Protonmail and I pay a huge price (cash) every month to it.

I wanted to deploy MiaB the moment I saw it but I was sad that I will have to pay for another server because I noticed that it needed its own VPC. Servers are expensive. I left Dropbox for but I still pay a huge price for the Nextcloud instance + storage. Storage is the most expensive! But I just discovered I do not need to pay extra because MiaB integrates Nextcloud. This is amazing! I can also host my static personal homepage ( I work in academia so my home page is a simple single page)

So, I am so happy to have discovered this project so I can take back my privacy and encourage students in my class during my TA sessions to deploy MiaB sessions. May be, if I become a professor and have enough power, I will alter the syllabus in such a way its a part of their curriculum. I’m not joking.

I’m writing this post to express my sincere gratitude for making this project feasible and being thoughtful about what I highlighted.

So dear authors of MiaB, I wanted to say you make this world a better place. I just created an account in this forum to say this.



On this part I must disagree. I have an awesome provider that charges $3 per month and several others that are less than $5 per month. The only way this can be true is if you are using one of the overpriced companies such as AWS, M$ Azure, or similar, or if you have huge storage needs.

Even if you have huge storage needs, I have a US VPS provider which offers 1tb storage for $5/month as an add on to the $3.50/month VPS charge … So $8.50 per month for a MiaB with 1tb storage … seems pretty reasonable to me.

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The problem I have here is that I would want my server to be physically reside in the country I live in. Unfortunately, I have to use EC2 for this.

  • I noticed about 40% faster speeds on Nextcloud when server is local.
  • I do not endorse EC2 nor GCloud but how may I trust a server company I havent heard of to place my data. And encryption slows down performance of Nextcloud

These are my honest opinions.

I have extremely reliable computers at home with tons of storage. But I do not own the ISP agreement (i’m not the landlord) so I cannot apply for a static IP. may be you can advice a technical way I can utilise my home PC with some DNS trickery?

My thoughts as well!

Thanks, everybody, for your work in bringing MIAB to this stage. I have learned so much in setting up two separate MIAB instances these past few weeks. The experience has been helpful for me as I prepared to take the Network+ exam this last week. (Bad timing due to covid cancellations, so it was postponed until the testing centers open again.)

The first instance was sort of a trial run. The second instance wrapped up yesterday with a successful email migration from Inmotionhosting (they were good to me) to my own server. It feels good to do it myself and the server is running great!

Thanks very much!