System Status Checks Accuracy?

On asking about MiaB System Status Checks persistent errors, it was suggested I may have a network configuration error. Well, there were no errors, and I set up parallel systems on MiaB and the fork Power-MiaB to see which one or both are not detecting status_checks properly.

But after installing and reinstalling each project over days, multiple times on various supported distributions, having the A and AAAA records and glue records already propagated, have I concluded status_checks is not always reliable.

The DNS records resolved on IntoDNS, Google and DNSwatch (they, incidentally, are the only ones I have any faith in, and of course, there is always good old DIG.).

The system status checks results are inconsistent on both, because they both use MTA-STS and DS records seems to have issues, although the DNSSEC could have something to do with my registrar, as deletion and reentering with the same data on one occasion, fixed the DNSSEC status error immediately. Sometimes it takes a few days for status_checks to detect the correct settings, and at other times it never corrects.

I’m not a coder, so no point looking into the source, but I think at this point, the safest bet for someone that just needs it to work, may be with Josh’s MailinaBox, even though it’s on Ubuntu and PMiaB supports Debian 11 and almost 12, but stays 3 releases behind.

Since Microsoft uses internal black lists (punish everyone approach), and GMail uses heuristics (more intelligent), and honestly I have never seen anything like MiaB’s detail gone into with DNS records, it stands to reason that deliverability should be higher. So my question is, should we be doing more to help with deliverability given there is so much spam?

** UPDATE **

A Youtuber suggested rerunning mailinabox installer and it worked. The MTA-STS policy error is now green.

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