System status check error something went wrong

Hello guyz…

I just installed mail in a box yesterday on my server and i have changed the nameserver and host names too… All this was done yesterday. The domain i use is a new one and not even upto a week.
The problem now is the installation went smooth and i created a new email and password but after installation of MIAB, i copied the ip address but the response i’m getting under System Status Checking is “Something went wrong sorry”…

I’m kinda new to this so i’m thinking whether its because i just changed the nameservers & the likes and its not upto 24 hours yet or because I used Google cloud server.

I was able to create a new email but I couldn’t receive any email when I try sending emails to my other gmail accounts in webmail.

Please any help?

Hi. I did an installation of MiaB recently and had the same issue the first time I attempted to go to the admin page. If I remember correctly, I was able to navigate to the SSL certificates page and provisioned a certificate. Then, it stopped. I do not remember if I took any other intermediate steps. So, I guess the first question is whether it continues or if it went away? If it continues, have you tried to do anything more, or is every action you take met with this pop up box?
If you want to indicate (or PM me) your domain name, I can quickly check if there is a DNS problem.

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Sure… Thank you. How do I pm you on this forum? Still a newbie here.

I just sent you a PM so you just need to respond to it. For future reference, click the username and then the message button in the pop-up that appears. :slight_smile:

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