System Checks are still NOT reliable

Call me a compulsive status checker, but the results change each time I run it in MiaB. One time all my A records have red :x: not set (even though they are) and all the industry leading DNS analytical tools say everything is perfect.

The glue records regularly list :x: not set, yet they are. Now I see this has been reported almost a decade ago, although we don’t know whether there was an issue with configuration n their cases. In my case there is definitely NO configuration or propagation or cache flush issue. Can anyone confirm or this otherwise.

Unless I make some substantial changes to the DNS, I will continue ignoring the MiaB status_checks results page, as enough time has been wasted chasing down non existent DNS errors that fix themselves as mysteriously as they randonly appeared. For example, Spamhaus Zen still lists my domain name as blacklisted, even though their own site and Email Blacklist Check - IP Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted show the IP as unlisted with no issues.

Is there a CLI tool to more reliably check the status on the server?

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I’ve seen something like this, but it was always due to misconfigurations of the network where the mail-in-a-box was connected (and in local setups, not on cloud servers). What I would recommend is the following: find a computer connected to the internet that is not on the same local network as the mail-in-a-box, and perform the tests from there. Sometimes, if the network is improperly configured (VLANs, port mappings, etc…), you might get incorrect results on the local network, but not on an external computer (and yes, it doesn’t make sense, but I’ve seen it happen).

In any case, what I would recommend is to review the network parameters, especially if you have a local setup with complex configurations (involving VLANs and multiple networks). It happened to me before, and the issue was only resolved when we identified the problem in the network (it had nothing to do with Mail-in-a-Box). Oh, and by the way, while the problem lasted, everything was working perfectly (just like what you are experiencing now).


In the past I saw several times that the system checks would determine a DNS error which would than have gone the next day. For a while now I have been running several changes to the DNS checks and DNS recursive server, and I haven’t seen those issues reoccur for me. There has been little feedback on those pull requests, so I don’t know if they actually solve anything and they are not well tested by others.


Wait a day or run mailinabox again after any changes. I added DNSSEC and the running mailinabox removed DNSSEC and MTA-STS policy - all green now :grin:

I agree with you divsmart.

While I successfully installed the latest Mail In A Box this morning on my IPV6 mail server, I notice Mail In A Box wrongly infiorms me in the admin panel that my DNS is NOT set when it is in fact set and I can receive email from ICANN, MIGADU, and GMAIL.

My domain name and name servers are working perfectly.

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Yep, I regularly receive status change notifications saying the reverse dns is not set, but when I look at the status page it’s all green. Next day another status change to say it’s set correctly. I just ignore them now.


My certificates never update automatically. Every now and then I have to go manually have them renewed.