Syncing IMAP - Outlook not showing mail pre-restore

Using Outlook client. After restoring MiAB and updating SSL certificates, the mail before the restore is not showing up in outlook, only the post restore mail (new incoming mail) is showing up. Yet, when I log into Roundcube I can see the old mail. Is a there a script I need to run?

@cluelessnyc It sounds like you are having permissions problems.

I am not exactly sure why you would be though. I am just walking out the door. I should return within the hour if you’d like to engage me on Slack.

Happy to connect with you, but I’m not familiar with Slack.
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As you mention Outlook, I wondered if this might perhaps be an ‘Activesync’ issue.

z-push provides the syncing for this in MIAB. You might try resyncing using the z-push-admin tool.

z-push-admin -a resync  -u USER

where user is your name@mail.domain

See the manpage at:

for more info.

Entirely unsure why it was an issue, but the OP did a password reset on the email accounts and all began to function normally with both email clients.